RongViet Securities launches eduDragon – Top investment securities training platform in Vietnam


eduDragon – A comprehensive stock investor training platform developed by RongViet Securities Joint Stock Company. Rong Viet is proud to launch the eduDragon platform with the desire to become a companion on everyone’s road to becoming a Professional Investor. From there, eduDragon helps investors to choose the right investment form for their personal goals, make investment plans, build investment portfolios and manage capital effectively, and at the same time practice their skills. invest in securities, build a safe investment roadmap and a solid personal financial plan.

With the vision of launching new business models on the digital platform and increasing customer experience, Rong Viet continues to perfect the ecosystem with eduDragon - a securities investor training platform. From October 20, 2022, eduDragon is officially launched for Customers/Investors with or without an account at RongViet Securities, with a variety of useful and practical knowledge from basic to advanced. . 


Reasons to experience eduDragon now 

1. Optimizing learning experience 

  • Personalize your learning path 
  • Keep track of your learning progress 
  • Look up/download documents easily 

2. Diverse knowledge base 

  • Training knowledge from basic to advanced 
  • Intuitive, vivid form 
  • Built by a team of reputable, experienced professionals 

3. Unlimited learning 

4. Completely free, saving time 

5. Get a training certificate right after completing the course 

6. Learn anytime, anywhere with any devices (website, Google Play/App Store app) 


Methodical learning path, researched and refined by experts to suit a variety of investors 

Course route is researched, designed, refined and summarized into 5 main categories to suit everyone from new investors (F0) who want to find a profitable investment channel to long-time stock investors who have not been able to decipher the ups and downs of the market or financial industry employees want to improve their professional skills. 

1. Manage personal finance 

2. 360° stock market 

3. Fundamental analysis 

4. Technical analysis 

5. Effective investment strategy 

For more information about the comprehensive securities investment training system eduDragon, Customers and Investors can visit RongViet Securities's website at or; at RongViet Securities branches or Contact the call center (+84) 28 6299 2020 for more information. See more eduDragon User Manual here.